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The conductive inks and paste business will generate a demand of 1800 tonnes

IDTechEx, a company providing research insights published a report that provides forecast about conductive inks and pastes for the next ten years. The main message is that demand will increase. The study provides a detailed analysis of 17 existing and emerging application sectors including silicon solar cells, RFID tags, touch screen edge electrodes, automotive, in-mould electronics, e-textiles, 3D antennas, 3D printed electronics, desktop PCB printers, ITO replacement, OLED lighting and others. These applications are the same as the ones on which BASMATI project is concentrating.

The project, developing a new value chain for conductive inks, will strongly benefit from this market traction. It makes the results of the projects extremely attractive for the industrial partners as there is a real market demand around the outputs of the project. The project develops a pilot line for the ink formulations ensuring large volume fabrication of new products with improved properties for printing application.